One unspoken feature of solar energy

During the Siege of Chernihiv, it took one tank to take down 6 poles of the main grid for a city of 300 thousand people to go dark. Loss of electricity is an operational disadvantage on many fronts.

It endangers people to a much higher degree as fridges can't preserve food, pipes can't pump water, hospitals can't light up operating room, incubators can't keep premature babies alive, morgues can't store dead bodies, air raid sirens can't notify people of a potential air strike, phones can't be charged to stay connected with your loved ones, cell towers can't provide service, and list goes on.

Now you have to bring out electric generators to power up essentials, which in turn create a huge increase in fuel and diesel consumption, and resources is a very big factor in a war. A lot of wars were started over resources.

So, here is one feature of solar energy that made it superior to any other source of energy during these difficult times - it is decentralized by its nature and the production of it can be represented by many multiples of one panel. It is distributed. Villagers, who have solar systems installed in their houses were able to provide some basic necessities, like aforementioned water pumping and phone charging to their neighbors, while other places were left to survive.

The war only confirms the importance of further active development of renewable energy sources. Its independence from resources, safety for the environment and the health of citizens, and small distributed generation provides energy if grid lines are damaged

Oleksandr Kozakevych, chairman of the Ukraine Association of Renewable Energy

North Radiant

First-hand experience of having only one flush of a toilet for an uncertain amount of time, i.e. you have no idea when the electricity is coming back due to the damage of the grid and war actions happening in the region, created a desire to mitigate risks of electricity loss.

This desire resulted in a for-profit initiative by the name of North Radiant, that is focused on popularizing renewable energy in the region, and the country in general. We have partnered up with local energy experts to ensure proper legal and technical practices are in place.

To read more about the initiative - please visit the website.

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