Chernihiv Energo

Emergency reporting chatbot for ChernihivOblEnergo built and launched during the Siege of Chernihiv


  • Telegram API
  • Signal Protocol
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Load Spikes
  • Dialogflow

During the Siege of Chernihiv the aggressor was able to crash the electricity grid and the whole city, including our servers and client support infrastructure, went dark. We needed an independent and quick to market solution to allow our customers to reach us.

— Dmytro Markov, Head of IT Department

chernihiv energo chatbot power outage flow

Report A Power Outage

Quickly submit one of the two main causes of power outage - lack of voltage and broken wire or another potential cause of disruption.

chernihiv energo submit meter reading flow video

Submit Electricity Meter Reading

Supports one, two, and three rate meters. The bot also validates for the correct input (numbers only) to ensure proper data entry.

Signal Messenger Integration

New power outage reports are delivered to a private group chat on Signal containing the questionnaire answers, account information, and a Telegram link to start a chat with a submitter.

High-Level Architecture

Chernihiv Energo project architecture

Utilization of infrastructures from previous chatbot projects allowed us to spin up a solution in no time and with some limited testing we were able to launch the first version of the bot in 2 days.

Load Spikes

If electricity goes down, there is usually a spike of new reports coming in from people in the affected area. Corezoid takes care of any sudden load that might occur.

Big Data

Account information and meter readings database entries for all customers (450k+) were managed and temporarily placed on cloud for access from the chatbot server.


Power Outages

were reported within 50 days of the chatbot service.


Meter Readings

were submitted within 4 days of the submission period.

Imminent Threat Is Gone

Gladly, the Siege of Chernihiv is over and enemy troops left the north of Ukraine. The company is now able to return to some form of a normal business operations, so this chatbot is no longer operable, as it was created only to cover the state of emergency and provide a free-of-charge backup solution.

Technology Stack:

node.js, Dialogflow, Amazon Web Services, AWS DynamoDB, AWS Lambda, AWS API Gateway, Amazon S3, AWS CloudFormation, Telegram API, Signal Messenger Protocol, Corezoid

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