Universal control outlet for the ultimate hotel guest experience


  • Hybrid Application
  • VoIP
  • Helpdesk Software
  • Softphone
  • Customer Support

A long-overdue reform of internal communications system between hotel guests and customer support. Old traditions and new features combined together to provide guests with an experience they have everyday when using their personal devices.

newdwore hotel guest dashboard interface showcased on a device

Lights. Air conditioning. Music. Taxi. Food. Weather. Maps. Events. And Much More.

A complete control over the experience of staying at the hotel right at the fingertips of the guests.

newdwore customer support solution showcasing an audio call between a support agent on zendesk and a visitor on an ipad

Replacing a stationary phone system with audio & video calling

Secure peer-to-peer communication powered by Twilio. Assist guests directly from a helpdesk software. Softphone application available to customer support staff within an interface they use everyday. Guests can still enjoy tried-and-true phone calls.

hotel registration card as a newdwore cloud document

Cloud Documents

A remote check-in process with zero hassle. Prepolutated registration forms delivered automatically or on-demand. The hotel decides who receives an email copy. Attached to a customer profile.

High-Level Architecture

NewDwore project architecture

Two main requirements were high scalability and flexibility of the infrastructure, which can be easily used as a white label product for small inns and large hotel chains. By utilizing Amazon Web Services we were able to deliver an adaptive product with a unified backend that serves both customers and employees within the same infrastructure through different platforms.

PMS Integration

Property management system integration allows the customer support team to have the most up-to-date client information.

Mobile Device Management

Remote management of newly installed tablets and existing devices across all operations.

Idle Mode

In case a tablet needs to always be turned on, there is an idle mode that dims the screen to prolong the lifespan of a device.

Data Manipulation

Additional algorithms were introduced to data syncing to improve the quality of client information available to the business.

Available on
iOS. Android. Web.

ios android web icons as available platforms for newdwore applications

Apple CallKit, PushKit. Android Telecom. Twilio platform-specific libraries. Even though applications have unified backend, they also include additional platform-specific features to create a native experience.

Technology Stack:

node.js, Apache Cordova, Vue.js, Twilio SDK, Twilio TaskRouter, Twilio Programmable Voice, Twilio Video, Amazon Web Services, AWS Amplify, AWS Cognito, AWS Lambda, AWS DynamoDB, AWS SNS, AWS API Gateway, AWS Route 53, Zendesk Apps Framework, Zendesk API, everSign API

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