The Fig

AI-enabled chatbot for a quick service restaurant from Vernon, BC, Canada


  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Chatbots
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Square POS Integration
  • Dialogflow

I am always looking for something that will put my business ahead of the game and make us prepared for the future, so having our own sales channel enabled by AI made perfect sense to shape us for the voice revolution and reduce our dependency from 3rd party delivery/pickup platforms

— David Scarlatescu, Owner & Operator at The Fig

the fig chatbot in facebook messenger showcasing an interactive shopping cart

Not Just Your Average Chatbot - Complete Purchasing Experience Through Automated Messaging

integrated payment page powered by square as a webview in facebook messenger for the fig chatbot

Secure Payments

Square Payment Page integration allows The Fig to provide safe and secure payments to their customers directly within the conversation. Credit card information is available only to Square’s servers, which removes PCI compliance burden from the business. At the same time, Square allows us to save customer’s cards on file to provide an even faster experience for following orders.

an example of the fig chatbot processing a user message through an artificial intelligence

Natural Language Processing & Machine Learning

The project utilizes a number of artificial intelligence tools to provide a truly human-alike experience. That’s the reason the bot has the ability to understand natural language, not just depend on buttons.

High-Level Architecture

The Fig project architecture

Centerpiece of the project is a patented technology, Corezoid, built by Middleware Inc. Just like it is used by Mambu to orchestrate processes, we use Corezoid to orchestrate all underlying processes of the bot. It communicates with 3rd party services and provides responses. Thanks to Corezoid, the development time and cost are drastically reduced.

POS Integration

The bot communicates directly with the POS system of the business - customers, orders and catalog are synced automatically.

Order Status

Customers receive a notification message every time a status of the order changes.

Daily Special

The restaurant is running a Daily Special promotion, managed directly within the bot by the staff.

Regular & Build Items

The bot supports both regural and build-yourself items. Both types support modifications and extras.

Future development

More Platforms.
Voice Adoption.
Deeper conversations.

instagram chat bot and google assistant voice bot
instagram logo

Facebook has recently made Instagram direct messaging public to developers. Instagram is a primary social media for quick service cafes, which opens a new avenue for customer adoption.

google assistant logo

Dialogflow allows us to build deep conversations powered by artificial intelligence. As soon as enough conversations are processed, we will be able to utilize Dialogflow to launch a voice-only bot on Google Assistant.

Technology Stack:

node.js, Square API, Square Payment Form, Facebook Messenger API, Dialogflow,, Google Cloud Platform, Cloud Functions, Cloud Run, Cloud DNS, Corezoid

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